Security Deposits

Host-required security deposits

Some hosts require a security deposit for their listing. If you’re a guest and you’re booking a listing with a host-required security deposit, you’ll be shown this amount before you make your reservation. The amount is set by the host, not Bnbthai. In this case,  you’ll only be charged if a host makes a claim on the security deposit.

How security deposits work if there’s an issue

If there’s an issue during your stay a host can report an incident and submit a claim for some or all of the security deposit within 14 days of check-out or before a new guest checks in—whichever happens first.

Find out more about what happens if a host makes a claim on your security deposit.

Note: All payments, including security deposits, should always be made through Bnbthai. Don’t ever exchange money outside of the Bnbthai website.