How to add the perfect property title?

How to add the perfect property title? 1

Your Bnbthai title has one goal only: to entice people to check out your listing. All things equal, the listing with the better title will achieve a higher click-through-rate from the search results. That’s why your Bnbthai title is an essential part of your Bnbthai listing. It pays off to spend some time crafting a really good one.

How to compose your Bnbthai title

No title is perfect and it’s a good idea to experiment with your title to see how different titles affect the amount of views you get for your listing. However, if you get the fundamentals right you’ll certainly see a bump in views.

Use all the space provided

You can use up to 50 characters to craft your Bnbthai title. Use as much as you can! Less is not more in this case. Any extra information you provide in your title could be a reason for the viewer to click on your listing.

Using value-adding information only

Bnbthai users typically choose the location and type of property before they start browsing through the search results. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to use this information in the title, it doesn’t add any value.

Speak to your audience

Think about your typical guest. What’s the reason for his visit? What type of person or group would love to stay at your place? What type of guest do you want to host? It’s better to cater to a specific crowd than to try to appeal to everyone.

For example, I prefer to cater to couples. My apartment happens to be very well fit to receive a group consisting of two couples, so I named my place “Couple’s Getaway.” This will immediately spike the interest of the viewers who travel as one or two couples.

Include your listing’s best features

What’s the reason that people want to stay at your house? What’s your pad’s best feature? These are the things you want to include in your title. If you’re not sure what it is, the reviews left by your previous guests may offer some clues.

My guests love the location of my apartment as well as the fact that it has a patio. Therefore I mentioned these two features in my title.

Use catchy words in your title

Instead of “Nice apartment in central location” you could write “Gorgeous Hideout | Close to Everything.” What sounds more enticing? In general, avoid using general words like “nice” “good,” and “great.” Go for more descriptive ones like “spacious,” “modern,” and “comfortable.”

Make your Bnbthai title stand out

You can use all sorts of special characters in your title to help it stand out. I chose to use little stars in my title: ★.

Adjust your title before high-demand events

If there is a special event that draws a lot of visitors, you can change your title to target these visitors. For example, let’s say there a music festival taking place nearby. You could add “nearby …..” and fill in whatever the location is where the festival is held.